Perfect Bodies

A beleaguered gym owner will do anything to save his failing business, even if it means breaking the law.

Genre: Tragicomedy

Episodes: Six

Pages: 30 (Pilot)

Runtime: Approx 27 mins

Maturity: Suitable for ages 15 and up

Pilot Script:  Available

Series Overview: Available

Character Sheet: Available

Status: FOR SALE

1. Tits Up

With his business on the ropes, gym-owner Steve turns to his motley group of staff for help. And when a mediation session turns sour, Steve discovers his wife has filed for divorce.

2. Vultures

While Steve tries to save his marriage, a rival club moves in to steal his staff. Angry and spoiling for a fight, Steve and club manager Javid exact their revenge.

3. The Bailiffs

Steve is caught off guard when an unpaid bill results in an impromptu visit from the bailiffs. Unable to pay up, Steve is forced to lock down the club with his members still inside.

4. Bad Debt

Having borrowed money from a club member to pay the bailiffs, Steve discovers his new benefactor is a notorious gangster and loan shark who wants more than Steve can offer.

5. Party Time

The club launches a party to encourage more people to join. But when an intruder sneaks in and starts a fire, the Police and Fire Brigade close the club down.

6. Decision Time

Steve is faced with a difficult decision: Either sell half of his club to pay for the repairs or walk away to save his marriage. And he only has twenty-four hours to make up his mind.


Perfect Bodies is inspired by the real-life characters and stories from screenwriter Ivor Lloyd, who owned and ran a successful health and fitness club in West Yorkshire for over ten years.

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