Street Cleaners

A mockumentary series about a family-owned street cleaning business based in Northern England.

Genre: Mockumentary, Comedy

Episodes: Six

Pages: 31 (Pilot)

Runtime: Approx 27 mins

Maturity: Suitable for ages 15 and up

Pilot Script:  PDF Available

Character Sheet: Coming Soon

Status: FOR SALE 

1. Where There's Muck There's Money

Our three-man street cleaning team visit the seaside town of Morecambe, where they are greeted with indifference and contempt.

2. Fisherman's Friend

The team are in the fishing town of Fleetwood, where Ollie gets involved in an altercation with a barbershop owner and Billy loses his van keys.

3. A Rare Day Off

Billy visits his therapist, while Ollie gives us a guided tour of his recording studio — where we meet Ollie's enchanting girlfriend, Chardonnay.

4. Takin' The Piss

We're back at the seaside again, where Ollie battles with a hungry seagull, Billy bumps into an old boxing foe, and Dave gets stuck in the public toilets.

5. London Calling

We join the crew as they head to London, where Dave gets lost on the tube, Ollie scuffles with a shoplifter, and Billy accidentally sets off the fire alarm in the hotel.

6. Fists of Fury

The team cross paths with a rival business from Manchester, run by Billy's nemesis and former boxer, Lenny 'The Pitbull' Goddard. The two men settle their differences in a fight.

Street Cleaners is inspired by the real-life characters and stories from screenwriters Ivor Lloyd and Oliver Lloyd, who ran a successful cleaning business called Gum Zappers for three years.



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