The Soul Academy

Two business partners fight to take control of the Soul Academy, a spiritual travel agency for the super-rich, where souls are temporarily transferred from one person to another.

Genre:  Thriller ~ TV Drama ~ Sci-Fi

Pilot: Available

Series Overview: Available

Character Sheet: Available

Pages: 59 (Pilot)

This one-hour drama follows the lives of GREG LINCOLN and DANIEL HARDY — two lifelong friends who have built a multi-billion dollar business dealing in human soul transfers. A process where the soul is temporarily transferred from one person to another, enabling the spirit to experience life from another's perspective.


It’s about friendship, love, greed, narcissism, betrayal and murder. How one man's quest for immortality threatens to destroy the lives of many people, including the ones he loves. 


Set in any major city, the Soul Academy delves into the human psyche; a person's wants, their needs, even their sexual desires. Leaving the viewer wondering what they would do, given a chance.

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